So Sorry

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post anything for a few, but things got hectic and crazy here.  All little stuff, but crazy anyhow.

Max, my dog in a few posts back, is still trying to get better.  He’s good one day, not so good the next.  Still trying to get his diet right, but he looks great, and isn’t on insulin and never eating dry dog food again!  The computer wasn’t working, my kids are all in the middle of mid-terms and cranky.  Winter ball is coming up and it’s the dresses and the limos(?) and the figuring out of whose house they will meet up at, etc.

Friend problems?  You bet!  This one said that, and that one said this….Facebook and texting…I need to get away!!!!!  Thank God they didn’t have facebook in my day.  I couldn’t wait to go home from being bothered all day and sit in my room with the door closed!  Alone at last!  No phone calls, Mom-I’m not home.  Yes, I would have gone crazy!  

I have to get back on track and I will.  In the meantime, I found a picture I had done that goes well with what I’m feeling right this minute!  I “so” want to be this little girl right now!  🙂  Cheryl

It's So Easy To Get Lost In The World


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