Another Beautiful Video

Here is another inspirational video I found and love.  This song was played at a best friend’s funeral who died way to young.  I had  always loved this song and I could here it faintly being played  in the background as everyone hugged each other and cried.  It still brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.  Sadly, the artist singing this song had died at a very young age as well, which seems to give the song even more meaning.

 The video is nice to watch, but even listen while closing your eyes.  So beautiful.


2 comments on “Another Beautiful Video

  1. Judy says:

    I had only ever heard Sting’s version. I think I like this version more. Beautiful!

    • I know, I liked Sting’s version, too. I think that Eva Cassidy’s version gets you right in the heart though, and I think it’s because she really feels it as she’s singing it. I have her CD and they say she was sick at the time she recorded this and she really wasn’t up to performing for this audience, but she did. It was one of the last songs she did. Too bad.

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