Helen Keller

I have always loved Helen Keller. I remember in school I did a project on her ….twice!  I often try to imagine what it would have been like to be not able to hear or see.  I can’t though, really.  It’s too hard.  Then I think how much we all really take for granted and probably don’t even appreciate it.  The birds in the morning…it’s like coffee to me!  No, I can not even imagine.

I often think I could never live if I had no arms/hands…I have to draw.  It is in me, my release.  I would draw with my mouth or even my feet if I had to! We are just so lucky and we should definitely appreciate it.

I had done 4 designs for the local Lion’s Club here because it centers around Helen Keller, and so I designed these with her in mind.  They are her quotes and I pictured in my head what they would look like on paper.  Here is one.

Keep Your Face To The Sunshine


2 comments on “Helen Keller

  1. mocobabies says:

    Your drawings are beautiful!
    I just bought a book about Helen Keller for the kids. They won’t understand it now but what an amazing woman. I want the kids to know all that is possible.

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