The Day of Shells

This is a picture of my 3  children when my youngest, Kelsey, was about 5 years old.  Caitlin would be about 7 and Patrick, 8.  They were so adorable, and fun.  They still are but , you know, it’s different.  Look how happy they are here-and it’s just shells!  I don’t remember the last time we all made a trip together somewhere, much less the beach.  How sad.  I still try once in awhile, when their friends don’t take them away from me for a day (very rare).  I guess I just have to smile, remember, and move on.

This is what makes me draw though.  These feelings are so strong in me that I have to express them in pictures and quotes, and then for a little while, it’s released.  I don’t feel like I’m so heavy with this feeling-it’s expressed where I can now view it on paper.  What this feeling means to me.

Thank God for memories. Cheryl

The Day of Shells


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