Delight In The Day

So here is a quote that is just simple, but to the point.  I would love nothing better than to be in the middle of an open field somewhere with the sun beating down on me, and feeling like I’m floating on air. Free!!!  No phones, no chores,nothing but sky and fresh air,  Pure heaven, if you ask me.

I look at her and I see me. Do you see yourself?  Can you feel it?  Cheryl

Delight In The Day


2 comments on “Delight In The Day

  1. Munchette says:

    I like the banner of your blog, it’s pretty. Did you do it yourself? This work looks like a greetings card 🙂

    • Hello and thank you! Yes, I did do it myself. That’s funny you should say that about greeting cards, because that’s what my designs were actually made for. I have made them all in a format to submit them to greeting card companies. Nothing seems to be working as yet, though, but I am determined. That is why I started this blog, to see if there really is any interest in my drawings at all. Thank you so much.:) Cheryl

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