Well, Max Is Now Home!

Yes , he is back.  My husband and I picked him up from the vet,were given instructions for giving a shot (insulin), syringes and a vial of vetsulin ($66.00 for a tiny vial).  This is supposed to last us for 5 days- 2 doses a day. Since this is quite expensive, I decided to look it up online and found a site that sells the same stuff for $29.99!  Same size vial and everything.  I decided I’d tell the vet I was going to start him on this raw meat diet I had found out about online and hopefully wean him off the insulin rather soon.  I thought I would get a fight,and I wanted to see the reaction to the word “Raw” because everyone seems to freak out- but nothing.  She kind of agreed and said she changed the diet on her diabetic cat and she has been off insulin for a year now.  But why doesn’t anyone tell you this until you say something?

Anyway, Max looks great and tonight I had to wait to give him his food, so I could give him his insulin after, but he was patient.  I gave him a raw hamburger patty with some vitamin e, flaxseed oil  and french style green beans and mixed it well.  We all stood waiting to see if he would turn his nose up to it.  No way!!!  He started slow and then ate faster and faster, like he couldn’t get enough!  The dish was clean! I felt bad I didn’t have a snack for him except a rawhide bone.  He had a bath with a baking soda rinse and I also put apple cider vinegar in the bath water ( i heard this helps with candida in dogs, which I swear he had before the vets. He looks like a puppy again.  His fur is shiny, his ear infections are gone and are now pink inside, and his shedding fur looks full again.  I’m so glad he’s home and I know there will be a change in him.

He goes back to the vet on Monday for a sugar check.  I hope to hear he is fine.  Let’s see what happens.

I hope to be back at the drawing board soon! Yay!


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