Wonder What Tomorrow Will Bring

Well. Max is doing okay, and I’m supposed to call in the morning and see how he is as far as being regulated.  I may be able to take him home.  The kids can’t wait.  I’m a little scared. How is this all going to pan out?  I will most likely be given vials, syringes. and some insulin to start him off (all included in the bill for his days stay and monitoring).  I will be given all kinds of instructions on how to check him and give injections- and my head is already spinning.  This is scary to me and rather expensive.  I am definitely going to try the raw food diet when he comes home.  I have read up on it  and I like the results and reviews it is getting.  I am giving Max a chance, to eat the way he was supposed to eat in the first place and  I believe we will see a great improvement.  

Tomorrow we will know better though, and until we get this down and set, I feel I can’t even think about drawing-but I will.  I always do.

So we wait.  Enjoy the pic!  Cheryl


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