Still Waiting

Yes, we are still waiting and wondering what is going on with my dog, Max.  All I know so far, is he has needed insulin twice in a day to keep him in check.  I know this is going to be an expensive road we are going down and so I have looked up a lot of info on the web about diabetes in dogs.  I am going to try a new diet for him when he comes home and do the insulin to regulate, but I am going to see how this diet will work on his system and slowly wean him off the insulin.  I’ve read a lot on raw meat diets and such, and I think this is the way I’m going to go.  We will see. 

On my artwork, I am trying to get started setting up an account with Shop Handmade, but with this on my mind, it’s taking longer than I want.  Once I get it going, it will be done in no time.  I just have to put aside a lot of time to get pictures and descriptions down, but I will get there.

Here is a picture for anyone having troubles out there that need a little boost…like me.  Enjoy.  Cheryl


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