The New Year Starts

Okay,I thought this would be a great start to a good year.  We were just starting to get orderly again.  Schedules put together, school starts up again, the budget is set, goals are planned…but that’s too easy.  Just when we thought we had it together, we get caught off guard.  I had to take my 9 year old min pin Max to the vet for excessive drinking and urination, along with some other ailments.  I find out he has diabetes.  The vet hands me a bill for $600.00 like it was nothing, for a few days stay and to monitor him.  I couldn’t speak.  It was like it hit me like a rock.  My husband has pre-diabetes, or so they say- so I’ve seen him checking his sugar everyday and I know a lot about it because of his own father and his diabetes. But my dog!  Insulin shots, maybe twice a day!  I can’t fathom it.  So now we wait and we have to make a decision.  It’s not easy.  Life’s put on hold for a week for now.  I’m checking everything out on the web and I’m going to check  everything out I can.   I don’t know. 

I will let you know on his progress and what we plan to do.   

Until then, take care.  Here is a picture  I drew with a quote that means a lot to me.  Enjoy. Cheryl


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