Sorry So Long, New Pastel Paintings Coming Your Way!

Hello, and I know it’s been awhile….a long while. I recently had new vinyl floors put in the whole house. We had to pack everything away and live in the kitchen for a week or so. When it was done, we put everything back in every room, and then I just could not get the creative flow back. I had to clean up after all the dust, and touch up all the paint that was ruined by removing a wall to wall carpet. But anyway, it is done and I have pictures to show you of the floors. I am so happy with them. I actually like my house now!

Anyway, I just had to put up the next few pictures I am working on. I just forced myself to sketch at least a few to get the creative part of me excited and in the flow again.

Here are the ones on the drawing board now. I love the way the angel I am painting is coming out. It is from a vintage black and white, and I am bringing her to life with color and adding other details as well. Then I have had great interest on the painting of John-Boy Walton on my Etsy shop, I decided I would try Mary- Ellen and Elizabeth. I can’t wait to finish those. There is also the Amish Barn Landscape I am going to try with “lots of color”! I have also sketched out an amish boy, but haven’t decided what to do with him yet! It’s all quite and adventure! Now let’s see if I can squeeze out these paintings between Thanksgiving and Christmas! I will keep you posted on updates, I promise. Until then….:))

My new vinyl flooring…I love!

Another Angel With Dove Completed, Plus a Quick Acrylic Painting

As usual, it’s been awhile since I posted last, but I finally completed this beautiful angel painting. I really like the way she came out, and I loved painting this, as painting angels always bring me peace. The way the sun is beaming and the dove descending, so peaceful. I sometimes wonder if the peacefulness I feel as I paint something like this, if it makes the viewer feel the same way. I hope so. That’s the gift. Enjoy!

Also included here is a quick painting I attempted of a sunset over the ocean, sparkling water, reflections and all. I really enjoyed this and hope you like the way it came out. I think I’m addicted! There will be more!

New Painting Completed, Sarah and James, Working The Farm Stand

Well, I’ve finally completed my latest painting!

This painting took me quite awhile, not just because we are in the midst of doing a major floor renovation here, but because of all the little details in this painting. I thought I would never finish! But I did manage to get alot of the things I wanted to in this painting.

One thing I love to do when I am in Amish country is visit the many Amish farm stands in the area. This painting has many of the items one would see at these stands. Whoopie Pies, breads (especially the frosted one), Shoo Fly Pies and we can’t forget some kind of quilted item hanging in the front, such as quilted pot holders! I also decided I would paint a boy and girl, since I haven’t painted too many of those.

And there you have it! I t was a challenge to paint many things here, but the most difficult was making the baked goods looked like they were wrapped in plastic. That was a trick! On to the next painting…enjoy!

Another Amish Painting In The Works

Hello again. I just wanted to share the latest painting that’s on my drawing board right now. Of course, it’s an Amish painting. I really enjoy painting amish themed paintings, because they take me away. My mind goes to Lancaster, Pa. and I really need to go again.

I had wanted to do another painting with an amish girl and boy together since I haven’t done one of these in awhile. This one may be titled, “Sarah and James, Working The Farm Stand”. Still not sure yet though. I had wanted to do another farm stand, but this time instead of canning jars, I wanted the whoopie pies, the shoo fly pie and the beautiful, delicious looking bread the Amish always sell. I also want to add the quilt block potholders hanging above their heads that we usually see at farm stands everywhere there. I think I have it all in there!

It was fun trying to make these goodies look realistic, and it was very tough! I still have alot to work to do, but its getting there. I do as much as I can each day…little by little. I hope you like what I have done so far. I should be completed by the end of the week…fingers crossed! I will share it when I do, I promise. Take care until next time!

Faces completed first! It helps to go to the next step.
Look at those goodies!
The color of the clothing. Always a tough decision!

“No Sunday Sales” Amish Quilt Sign Painting

Hello again. I’ve been having a tough time finding the time to paint lately, but I’m getting there. I did, however, finally complete an acrylic painting I have been wanting to do for awhile now. It’s finally completed, and already on my Etsy Shop.

This sign was inspired by all the for sale signs I have seen on my many trips down to Lancaster, Pa. I really like the “No Sunday Sales” phrase, as it reminds me so much of when no one would work on Sundays in our culture as well, and I really miss that. But I tried to include the little quilt patch and produce piece, and of course, the directional arrow! So here it is! Hope you like it. I have made it available in a distressed (slightly) version as well.


P.S. I am presently working on another Amish painting of two Amish children, boy and girl at a farmstand, and I can’t wait for you to see it! I am so excited with this one! I will put up a post in a few days. Thanks so much!

Mark Twain Portrait and Another Angel Painting Started

It all started when I was watching Ken Burns documentary of Mark Twain. After seeing everything this man went through in his lifetime and with the character that he was, I just had to paint him!

This was painted from an old black and white photo, and I painted it in color as I thought the colors may have been, from his eyes to his suit. I really had to do an extensive search on his eye color!

If anything this would be a perfect print for someone with a library in their home or is a lover of books, and old authors.

I have also added the beginnings of another angel painting in the works. I hope you like what you see of her so far. Can’t wait to finish her!

Well, back to the drawing board, and if you haven’t seen it yet, try and watch the Ken Burn’s documentary on Mark Twain! You won’t regret it!

Mark Twain Pastel Portrait
Beginnings Of An Angel Painting

Beautiful Angel “Hope” Finally Completed!

I have finally completed an angel painting!

Done in soft pastels, this painting is a symbol of hope, love and goodness. I have loved painting angels as long as I can remember, but have not painted one in a very long time. I felt it was needed now…especially now. I got so totally engrossed in painting this one, that now I want to paint even more!

As a gift to someone, I believe she would be perfect in any place in the home or in a quiet corner that one would love to just escape to for solitude. I also think this would be perfect as a gift for those who have lost someone special to them.

Anyway, I hope you like her, and I hope to add many more to my collection of works. Take care!

Angel Painting In The Works

Here is the beginning of an angel painting in pastel that I am currently working on. I haven’t painted an angel in so long, I figured I would like to try painting some again. I really like the way this is turning out and I can’t wait to finish her, but I am being extra cautious and want to get everything just right! I’m using a lot of scrap paper!

Anyway, I can’t wait to share the finished piece. I will try to complete her after Easter. Please drop by again in a week or so as she should be completed by then! Crossing fingers!

Stay safe!

Angel In The Works

New Amish Paintings “Anna Mary” and “Nature’s Grace”, Gilbert Blythe and more…

I just completed a new amish painting which I titled, “Anna Mary”. I believe that this painting is beautiful in it’s simplicity. I wanted the real focus to be on the little, amish girl’s face, and I think that’s what draws you in to this painting.

This painting came about from a memory we had on a past trip to Lancaster, Pa. My husband and I were driving down a back road in Amish country when this little, amish girl came running out to the road. Then peeking behind a pole, she waved to as we drove by. I just decided to paint her peeking from a barn door for more interest. I hope you like her.

The other Amish painting “Nature’s Grace” is of an amish girl resting on a rock on a creek, dipping her toes in the water enjoying the beauty of nature all around her. I just love the peaceful look on her face and the subtle glow from the subdued sunlight. I hope you like them.

Also, I completed “Gilbert Blythe/Jonathan Crombie” from Anne of Green Gables. I had already done a portrait of Anne, but people kept asking me if I would ever do Gilbert (if you are familiar with the movie, which is awesome). And so I painted Gilbert. Now Anne will never have to be alone!

Also… here is another old seaman portrait painting. I just love painting these rough, old faces with wrinkles and ruddy complexions, faces that tell a story of life on the sea. I love that!

And finally, a portrait profile of my daughter’s new dog. His name is Oliver and he is a German Shepard/Great Dane mix, which gave him this beautiful spotted coat of gray and white and hints of brown. He has a strange dark spot under his iris under one eye and so I painted that side. A beautiful dog indeed, and I painted him on velour, which gave a very soft effect.

Well that’s it for now…I have been busy…but back to the drawing board! Enjoy!

Anna Mary
“Nature’s Grace”
Gilbert Blythe/ Jonathan Crombie
Old Sailor

“Contemplation”, A New Amish Painting and 2021

It has been way too long for me not to post, and again, I’m sorry. With the voting crisis, Christmas and it’s craziness, and all that’s going on with the news everyday, it has just made me somewhat numb. They say “the woman that works with her hands, her head and her heart is an artist.” I tend to agree. I get too caught up in with what’s going on around me, that I can’t settle down..I can’t get my creative “flow” going. All the bad news just “breaks my spirit”. And therefore, I can’t seem to paint.

I had tried to play quiet music, read inspirational books, and even to meditate, to no avail. I still could not find it in myself to just sit down and paint. I found every excuse not to do so. I even had asked my husband if it even mattered anymore…to paint. He told me, “Yes, it does matter… your paintings make people feel good”. That thought had stayed with me, and finally changed my mind. I somehow found the energy and focus to paint again. I told myself I was just going to finish this one. Just start again! This painting of the amish girl by the window had been upstairs unfinished for so long.

But here she is, and I think the title of this is perfect, especially with what’s happening today in the world. We just need to calm down, step back and take a breather. I think we need to do for ourselves, what we have to renew and refresh. Start over, think differently.

Anyway, I wish you all good and better things this year, 2021. I pray it will be a much better and safer new year. Hope you enjoy “Contemplation”. Stay safe. Cheryl

Contemplation by Cheryl McNulty