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Hello!  I have been busy painting some rooms in my house that have been in bad need of a makeover for some time now.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to finish some paintings and drawings I have sitting on my desk.  Since things are winding down now, I think I can get back to the drawing board for a bit before getting back to doing a little more on the house. In the meantime, I have been going through some pretty awesome photos that I have in my collection and posting these on Etsy.  They consist of the Amish (of course), nature, animals.etc. If you get a chance, please shoot over to my Etsy shop and check them out.  I try posting everyday so there is something to new to look at.

Thanks for looking and hopefully back with more art! :)

Two Buggies

Two Buggies

Pretty Cow

Pretty Cow

Going To Market

Going To Market

Another Amish Painting InThe Works And An Inspirational Quote Watercolor

Hi all!  I am so sorry for not keeping up on this blog lately.  I am now getting ready for my daughter’s graduation from college and I have been busily painting rooms and fixing things around the house like crazy.  It actually feels good to see change,I must say.  And who can beat the look and smell of fresh paint!

Anyway, I just thought I would share with you this painting which has been sitting unfinished like this awhile now. It’s another Amish Girl and she is supposed to be watching a baby chick on her lap.   I really love the face on this little girl and I can’t wait to finish her, but she has to wait just a little bit.  Every time I go into my room she is staring at me and I want so badly to just sit there and get down to business.  I will…I will !

I will post again when I am finished with her.

Here is also another painting I finished.  I have been doing random watercolors just to keep up with my artwork and to put something new in my Etsy shop.  These watercolor paintings are less time consuming than the pastels, so I try to fit a few in before I start  my fixing and painting of the house. This one is in watercolors and it’s a little girl looking out over the mountains under a beautiful rainbow. Inspired by the very thing I love to do, observe nature!  I hope you like them. Be back soon!

Unfinished Amish Girl Painting

Unfinished Amish Girl Painting


The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home Print

This cute little print I just put on Etsy is from an original colored pencil illustration created by me. I have always loved this quote, because I believe it with my heart and soul. The kitchen is truly the heart of my home!

I made this several years ago, and I still love the Illustration. Usually, I am so caught up in doing the new illustrations, I don’t even think of the older ones.  I just had to dust this one off. Hope you like it!


Artisan Breads, A New Pastel Painting and Little Girl With Flowers print

I Wanted to try something a little different than my portraits I usually do, and I always loved farm signs, food signs etc.(like the bread canvas art you see in bakeries) and so I decide to try one for myself.  I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. Actually, it makes me want to make a loaf of bread and EAT it, but that’s besides the point. Of course, now I want to create more food signs.  Next one I’m trying…peach and apple signs!

Also, I just wanted to try some simple watercolor wash images country oriented…little girls/children wandering in meadows,enjoying happy things like rainbows etc.  This is my most recent attempt and I think she looks sweet.  Oh well…back to the drawing board.  Please feel free to let me know what you think.


Fresh Breads 2DSC09218breads2

Little Girl with flowers

Kathryn In The Meadow, Amish Girl with a Calf Pastel Painting

I finally finished another painting for my Amish series.  It’s, of course, another girl…I really need to do some amish boys!  I just find it so easy to do girls.  But I do promise to do another boy asap! I named this one after the amish girl that was my daughter’s pen pal when they were younger.  She actually looks a little like her.  I’m really happy the way the colors turned out and it kind of reminds me of a book cover the way it’s laid out. The sky looks like it could be sunset or just like the new day is starting to dawn. Either way, Kathryn looks like she is just happy enjoying the scenery and keeping this little calf company. Hope you like her. She will be going on my Etsy site asap.

On to the next one!

DSC09187 2

Just Click on her for a larger view

DSC09180fr 2

Amish Girl With A Calf Pastel Painting In The Works and Audrey Hepburn

I am almost half way through this painting of an amish girl with a calf, and I think I am happy with it.  I love the expression on this girls face, looking off into the distance. Also, I hope to make the calf stand out by making him look really soft. I think the two work well together in this picture.  I will post again when I am finished. She will also be added to my Etsy shop when I am done at

I have wanted to try Audrey Hepburn for so long, and I finally finished her.  It was so rewarding doing both Marilyn and Audrey, and now I am attempting Meryl Streep.  If anything, this is great practice.  I love it!  I will post soon.  Enjoy!DSC09135


Marilyn Monroe Pastel Painting Just Completed

Just finished number 2 in a series of classic movie actresses in pastel. Here is Marilyn Monroe…There is the original painting and a softened version. I kind of like the softened version better of the original, I don’t know why. What do you think?

This painting, as with the others, has been challenging but fun. I always learn a new trick or two and I just want to do more. I think I may want to try Audrey Hepburn next…hmmmm….

I am selling prints on my Etsy site here if interested:

Thank you so much!DSC09004