Another Angel In The Garden in Pastels

Again, my love for angels made me try another one, and of course, I am running out of titles as I love to place them in the garden many times.  I could actually have “Angel In The Garden” several times now,but until I can find another name for this, here is another angel in the garden :).  I am also not sure if I am finished with this yet, but I think I may be.  Just wanted to get this out there. Hope you like it.


A Old Pastel Picture From My Past

This picture was done by me many years ago.  I had a box of chalk pastels, regular drawing paper and a pic from a magazine (probably Seventeen Magazine) which was an advertisement for lipstick.  I just applied color to the paper like I would have done make up.  I did not know all I know of the tricks for getting the hair to look like real hair or really how to apply colors…I didn’t even know about pastel pencils for fine lines…even if they had those then.  This was probably done about 1975/78 when I was 18.  It’s amazing to me to even look at it now, to think I did this even then. Funny!Image

Woman Chef in Pastels

Just finished a picture of a woman chef to go with my other man chef picture. The colors are slightly different, but they are both awesome!  It was rather difficult to find a woman chef picture  anywhere as far as I could see. Don’t know why that is!  But anyway, hope you like this one. woman chefrz

Pastel Portrait Of Lucky, A Springer Spaniel

Here is a pastel portrait of my neighbor’s dog, Lucky.  He is a special dog and we have known him for a long time now.  He is getting on in years and I  had wanted to do his portrait for some time. My daughter, Kelsey, would sometimes feed and walk him, and she grew very close to him over the years.  Lucky  was always a good  dog, and also very smart. There were times he would carry his own leash in his mouth when Kelsey would walk him. so funny!

I gave this portrait to my neighbor as a surprise just the other night and her reaction meant more to me than any payment would have been…and I was happy to do it! Enjoy!Image

Portrait of my daughter, Kelsey

I have been wanting to try my hand at portraits of my own kids, since I have so many pictures of them I can choose from.  I figured this would be great practice while I come up with more picture of angels, amish children or other paintings for my portfolio.  So here is Kelsey.  I just love her profile….she looks like she belongs in the victorian era.  I would love to try her in a large victorian hat!  My other daughter Caitlin, looks like she could have been from the 1940′s.  I am going to do her next and you will see what I mean.  But for now, here is Kelsey.  Hope you like it.Image